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dolls from things


paintings from photographs


dolls from drawings

drawing by toby goodshank


custom doll

size        price
5" & under   $10
6"-10"       $20
12"-15"      $30
18"-20"      $40
22"-30"      $50
plus s&h     $5

custom portraits

approximate canvas size

one person or animal friend

two people
or animal friends

15" x 20"   $200    $250
21" x 25"

  $300    $350
26" x 30"

  $500    $550
plus   actual   shipping

custom fabric art
size price
less than 10" x 15"
10" x 15"
15" x 20"
20" x 20"
plus S&H

custom cartoon paintings
approximate size price
less than 10" x 15"  $25
10" x 15"  $35
16" x 20"  $45
21" x 25"  $55
plus S&H  $5

finger puppets
1-10 $4.00 ea
11-20 $3.00 ea
21-30 $2.00 ea

$3 ea
$5 ea

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getting a doll made.


Ask adee any questions you have about getting a doll made.
Below are several questions asked by customers.

Q. How can I have a custom doll made?
A. Custom dolls are super fun. Adee can create a soft doll from your drawings or ideas... just send your specifications to adee
(i.e. hair color, fabric color, etc.)

Q. What different things can I ask for?
A. Tons! You can create the doll from softness to size... even the eyes!

Q. How much will this cost ?
A. It depends on what size doll you'd like :
doll size price
5" & under $10
6" - 10" $20
12" - 15" $30
18" - 20" $40
22" - 30" $50
plus s&h $5

Q. I don't even know where to start!
A. Start by looking at my checklist below of doll specifications... you can choose all the details or leave some up to adee to decide. (i.e. green cat)

1. What sort of creature?
2. Size?
3. Soft or sacred? (a doll with lots of decoration to be played with but stay on a shelf or a soft cuddly sleep in your bed kind of doll.)
4. Is the doll for a child? If so, what age? (safety reasons)
5. Color
6. Stringy or stuffed arms and legs?
7. Googly eyes or button eyes?
8. Clothing or not?
9. Any sayings or words on shirt or body ?

Q. I have a drawing of a creature, can adee make that into a doll?
A. Sure! Just send or email the picture to adee. see example

Q. I'm still a little lost. Can I see what other dolls she has
made ?

A. click here to see SOLD DOLLS
feel free to point out specifics that you'd like on your doll and stuff you don't want !

Q. What if I want a doll on that is already sold?
A. Adee makes all of her art free hand. Without patterns, it is difficult to make anything identical to previous creations...but she can make something pretty similar. Just let adee know which doll you like!

Q. What if I want a doll that is available?
A. Just tell adee what you want to buy and she will send it to you as soon as she receives your payment.

Q. Are there returns on dolls?
A. Yes. As long as you make sure to ask all of the questions about the doll before purchasing it. There shouldn't be a need for returns, but if you are not satisfied, you may return your doll (you pay shipping) for a full refund.

Q. How can I pay?
A. You may pay with a money order or check or paypal

Q. How can I get into the satisfied customer page?
A. Adee loves satisfied customers! Just send some words about your experience or art bought from adee and include a picture of yourself with the art or without! If you would rather not have your photograph on the site, just send a quote for the site!

Q. What if I refer a friend to adee for some art?
A. Glad you asked! Tell your friend to mention your name to me, and you will get a 10% discount off of your next order of anything from!

getting a portrait painted

Below are several questions asked by customers.

Q. How does this work?
A. Simply email or send adee a photograph of someone(s) that you would like painted. Decide on the size of portrait you would like, and send adee half of the portrait fee as a downpayment.

Q. If I send a picture in the mail, will I get my photograph back?
A. Yes. Adee will copy the photograph to work from, so she does not get paint on your photo.

Q. How long does a portrait take?
A. Usually 3-4 weeks, but rush orders can be arranged with an additional fee.

Q. What if I don't like the portrait?
A. Adee will email you a picture of the "finished" painting. If you are unhappy with certain details, she will work with you to correct them. If it seems as though you "will never be happy", you can cancel the order.

Q. What happens if I cancel the order?
A. If it has been less than a week you can get your full refund, after 1 week adee will keep the deposit and return your photograph. You will not owe her the remainder of the portrait fee and adee will keep the portrait.

Q. Can I request certain colors?
A. Yes, of course. You can have lots of say in the painting. For instance, you may want the clothing or background to be different colors than in the picture.

Q. How much does a portrait cost ?
approximate     one person or     two people or
canvas size     animal friend    animal friends

15" x 20"        $200                $250
21" x 25"        $300                $350
26" x 30"        $500                $550

Q. Is this trustworthy?
A. Yes. Adee will send you a contract for both your protection and hers.

Q. How can I pay?
A. You may pay with a money order or check or paypal

Q. Can I see what the photo's looked like before they were painted ?
A. Click here to see some samples !