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adee good


adee in the 80's



      me with the security guard of the bank in sheepshead bay brooklyn
       where i was involved in my very first art show


2nd doll & 1st doll ever








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pocket names

finger puppets


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fun adee facts a.k.a things not to write home about
adee is pronounced like the number 80

when adee was little and lost in a department store
the security guard asked her name to which she answered "nancy"



adee was a "punk rocker" for halloween at age 10    



a piece of adee's art was stolen from her high school
art class, she was highly flattered


in high school adee was voted class question mark
but the ingravers didnt have question marks so instead of
the trophy saying "class ?" it read as class dot dot dot !
                           class ...


adee failed color photography in college because
she kept making the colors "unrealistic"

adee has been a vegetarian for 10 years
when studying in england at an exchange student party
pizza was ordered. she took a bite of a quite harmless looking
cheese slice and encountered a strange unknown taste
upon examining the slice further, hidden under the cheese was a layer of meat. it was the first time she'd tasted meat in years and was sicken,(and the first time she'd ever had ham growing up kosher) worse was the staff's uncaring. almost vomiting she fortunately she found her friends in the on campus pub only a few feet away, where they bought her a pint and gave her some cheer
a song about adee was written by super duper song writer
john ludington, it could be found on his cd clouds today
adee had her art placed on the back cover of the
dufus album, our first born 1996
july 2002 adee was triple booked for 3 different art shows in ithaca ny :
The Lost Dog, gimme! coffee, and The Strand

adee sang a cover of the song fuck and run by liz phair
for the closing credits of the film Housekeeping, by Lela K.
it was completed in 2002 on MiniDV.

when scheduled for a music performance at ABCafe
in ithaca ny the owner wrote her up as
"anti-folk fireball" on the calendar
adee just had two of her wisdom teeth taken out
she stayed awake for the procedure
adee entered the "my brooklyn" essay and photo contest.
she didn't win, but her photo got an honorable mention and was shown at the exhibit.
dec 2005 adee's dolls were picked to be
involved in plush rush
1990 in high school adee was voted best actress and student council teasurer.
she was also on the girl's volleyball team and debating team
2005 art displayed at the salt marsh nature center marine park  brooklyn    
adee is a very big twilight zone fan.
if you know which episode had the quote "ever so much fun"
in it, write to adee and she'll send you free stuff
adee prefers her name written lower case    
this lovey dovey kitty cat super buddy was terrified of adee when they first met
adee doesn't pay for any advertising. 99.9% of her customers have found her on google while googling "custom dolls"    

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fave emails
(of course besides all the great stuff said in the happy customer satisfied section of this site !)

dear adee,

howdy....i enjoy you're art very very much and when i gets
some more monies
I'm definately gonna be buyin some....i have a feeling that
your music is
equally as great and i was wondering if there is anyway i
can hear a song or
two before buying the you have any mp3's or

take care

ps robert smith and birdie are mega-cute


Sat, 10 Dec 2005

when i grow up, i want to be you!
well, maybe not BE you, because then you can't be yourself!
because you'd be
me! but i must restate: i want to be LIKE you. because:
i've seen your
website, and it was good.
AND because:

1. you do what you love for a living [well i can infer you
love what you do,
because you are an independant artist and have a "happy
customer" section]

2. you most likely tour the country to showcase your art in
shows [that's
always fun as hell]

3. you are a multi-media user [paint, plushies, film,
words; my faves!]

4. you make a profit [? or do you get left in the neg. zone ?]

5. you are FREE to do what you like

--so, how long did it take you to get to the point you are
i am starting my own business shortly, because
i asked one
of my friends who draws cute monsters to
partnership with me,
so i'm going to
make hers into plushies and tote bags, etc.

Your newest admirer,

age: 17
place: atlanta, ga


Hi Adee,
Thanks for getting in touch.
On a personal note.
I like your work very much,
although buying for the site is tricky
and I don't feel as though the product
work for the site.


DON'T GIVE UP!!!! you are
scary talented and the
world would be much more
dreary without your art.

Fri, 13 Jan 2006
Subject: dolls

Do you also make dolls of rubber
or plastic?

Wed, 04 Jan
i love your expressive spirit ... and your kitties are so
adorable! Good luck and all the best for the new year.
Take care!



hey, how have you been?...i gotta question about
crafty stuffs, so i figured
i'd email the queen of things of this nature for an opinion.....
i want to decorate a picture frame...
i think maybe with tiger-ish stuff, as the person
i'm making it for likes tigers....
do you have any ideas that might be
cool?...i don't want to do anything overly unoriginal
(i.e. paint tiger stripes on it).
any ideas you may have,
tiger or related or not,
would be grrreatly appreciated......
thanks and take care!

P.S. still enjoing the cds, thanks again!!


I find your art to be exemplary
Finding energy life and passion in the
young and
old faces of your subjects is
truly telling of your unparalleled talents.

Love it ! Diana

Do I see xpression of depth
w/color? luv it ! Kyle


Your art inspires me to paint
and that hasn't happened in
            -out of towner
NICE STUFF ! Inspirational. Keep it up.
Hey Adee,
you know you can paint
it's alive
      love, ed

Adee- I like your concept of turning a
photo into a painting

Rockin, Adee !
Good, Great, Wonderful ! So
glad to see such awesome and
true artworl. Keep feelin' it
fine art, adee,
almost as outrageous and
hilarious as your music !!

Wow you make music AND art ? How did you get to
be so incredible ?
I'm serious.

You are a brick house.
You are mighty mighty.
I like the gal with the sunglasses the color
is warm, subject nice, good portrayal.     
It's Nice to See Such Colorful energy. You Work it Well.Thanks.
May Your art take you.
                Peace Jamie
Interesting stuff. The Portrayal of faces always throws me off a little.
As I find the color schemes a bit confusing.
My sense of depth is often thrown as well.       
The art seems to come to life right before my eyes                                                                                                                 
Colette age 11
Nothing new to see here....move along.
You have the colors.
now be creative.  MDH
Adee i love your art. The use of color
is so alive & fun & Moving. Good luck
out there in this cruel world
just keep on creating            
|Love, Ned
From one artist to another- Good Work
                                                 Timmy Gongo

Hey Adee,
This is Vish you gave me your web address.
I just checked it out, and I really have to say, the sh*t
I saw under customer testimonials,
is f*cking awesome!
You're diong some serious sh*t!
I can't believe you made someone a guitar and
your own halloween costume.
That is so damn cool.
Anyways, I'm going to pass on your
website for sure
and I'm going to be thinking, for now,
as to what kind of art I could be in need of.


we really dig your portraits -
especially the woman in
the sunglasses - great stuff -
            ruth, karen & amy


Adee, adee,
I love the faces, the perspective, the color
color in a dreary world.
Thank you, keep working,


frreakin' excellent. Are the paintings
all from pictures?
I have a thing for portraits.
Did you ever thing on doing pictures of ghosts?
Theres a bunch of pretty clear shots
(or excellent forgeries) in black and white. really great stuff.

cartoons for silly adult minds
i love everything! -emily
If I was a cat I'd want my painting done by you.
You're brushstrokes are as bold
as you are, as a person.
You're hell of
an artist and an even better woman

            tony bond 2001
Colors Yay ! Buy it all if I could !! -Reff

Hi there!
I saw a little blurb on Crafters for Critters
in Veg Times and came across your
Web site from there
I love your work!            
carrie 2006

I just wanted to let you know that this is one
of the neatest ideas I've seen in a loooong time.
Although it's fairly basic, I don't think I've
ever seen it! Hopefully you are experiencing
a lot of positive feedback. I do paintings and
make dolls, and they tend to look quite similar,
but I've never intentionally made them match.
I may do that with my own sometime, but
I promise you I won't steal your idea. Good
luck in your endeavor, and I hope you get the
word out.
hello adee
just checked out your site... wonderful stuff!
thanks for your interest in glove and boots.
nice to meet you keep us posted with your progress!
     vinny (fafa the groundhog)
You are a great artist. Love your work.
The dolls, that you just made,
are so photogenic! 
They look terrific!
 Oh my gosh...what wonderful creations!!!
I just saw your posting on craig's list
I do daycare and am looking for lovely
unique gifts for my kids. 
 Thanks -

Oct 19 2006
Great! Fantastic!!!! I love it!

i like your artwork and most of all i like
your approach.
i thinks its amazing that you have made your
creations a buisness. and i wanted to give you
a virtual high five.
-matt 10/06

i like the sad blue faced little
guy you have - reminded me of something
i've never seen before
jack 9/7/06
I checked your website--
great site and really interesting, fun art!        
peg dec 2006
I came across your ad on Craigslist and
I think your dolls are absolutely brilliant.
Very nice, keep up the great work!
glenda Sun, 27 Aug 2006
Very nice, keep up the great work!
Gregory 14 Aug 2006

My kids are too old for this....but I just wanted to say what a great idea!!!! When my grandkids are older I would so love to order something like this! He's only 4 months right Just wanted to let you know that this is awesome!
Shirley Dec 4 2006


i checked out your site too, i think its great. --michelle dec 7 2006

My name is Amy and let me begin by saying that I love your dolls-they are so refreshingly creative and one of a kind-you should be very proud of yourself!
OK-I found your website just by chance, you know, late at night wasting hours surfing the net, and I am so happy I did. To me, the best gift is handmade, but the perfect gift is handmade AND personalized. 
That's what you do-again, you should be very proud of yourself.  Your dolls are leaps and bounds above anything you can buy at a store-I can't wait and I just know my niece will love it!

Amy March 2007

I just have to tell you that i love your creations! In fact, your dolls gave me the idea to make rag dolls for my fiance for Christmas that look just like us - it was a big hit :) Stephanie May 7, 2009

first of all I love your website. its whimsical and fun and just amazing! and exactly what i have been looking for!
Adee I love your arrestingly vivid

You are really something!!!!
Your website!!! With the original person or animal or drawing on the left and your amazing interpretation in cloth on the right hand side!!!!!!  I can't get over's awesome!!


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possibnle (pah-sib-nahlee) = an intentional possibility turning intoaccidental art describing a takeover for the good of art and creaturekind


"i like to smooosh errands and things together so it makes my
moving my body worth while for my brains."


How important are the visual arts in our society?
I feel strongly that the visual arts
are of vast and incalculable importance.
Of course I could be prejudiced.
I am a visual art.  
                                 -Kermit the Frog, Muppet

more quotes



2nd grade drawing used for school recipe book

back cover adeeart
for dufus our 1st born


my entry follows

My eyes in disbelief.

Sitting, standing, talking, and laughing on a porch for over 20 years. The scene hardly ever changed. At least nothing of notice to me.I spent three years away from my home at college and passed through and over this porch of brick many times. I remember noticing an old rusty chain still attached to one side of our porch. It used to hold our carriages locked up in safely overnight. This was the only thing besides brick and concrete on our porch. A porch in front of a home,
which my family grew in for over 30 years. It is our foundation of life. Fond of our house, which was one of few on our block that wasn't attached on either side. It was built where a street used to pass through many years ago. I took for granted the plants and trees that grew on our block between avenues Y and Z. Then upon returning from college in upstate NY, I became more aware of the lack of foliage in our area. The full trees and bushes we had growing outside our windows made me very proud. In comparison I felt as though we had our own little jungle full of birds, cats, and squirrels in which I could sit in private shade.
Over the years I would return to find our block looking so different. It was mostly due to the fact that trees were dying, winds were knocking, and people were cutting, while nothing was being replanted. Our neighbor's tree had been cut so often that it no longer reached up and over our porch anymore. No more green backgrounds for photos, no more hiding from the sun, and no more leaves to watch shiver in the rain and the wind. Also, across the street, a tree I had seen my whole life had been cut down for safety because of its age. Things seemed bleak, less color, less life, and less hope. I remember the joy and honor I felt at the age of 16 when we planted trees in Israel. Though young, I could still feel and understand the intense power and impact of what we were doing. I was excited for the future, although it was small, we had planted hope.
The last time I was home to visit, there was a block party going on. Grandchildren of the people we grew up around danced in the streets. There was an array of cultures and ethnicities surrounding the music. I sat on my porch and watched. The view was less green, yet still fortunate in celebration. While smiling and spectating, something caught my eye. On a brick, of
a porch, by a home, in the middle of a street in Brooklyn, stood the quietest little leaves. My eyes
in disbelief. Was it fake? Was it a fallen branch from a nearby tree? I looked closer while getting on my knees. Here was the smallest little green and red plant growing straight out of concrete and brick. It was over 50 feet away from any soil or water. With such a strange sight I filled with both amazement and confusion. I instantly ran inside to grab my mom, and my camera. Ibegged her not to yank it out. This plant growing anywhere else would most likely not cause a
slight stir, but the fact that here was the impossible, here was the future, never expected nor constructed. Here grew life out of nothing.
Here was hope.







true story



woo! free doll pile in ithaca, ny





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You are usually feeling: Logical - you rarely let your emotions rule you
You are famous for: Being smart, a total neat freak, and maybe just a little evil
How you life your life: With passion, even if your odd passions (like bottle caps and pigeons)

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"How important are the visual arts in our society?
I feel strongly that the visual arts are of vast and incalculable importance.
Of course, I could be prejudiced.
I am a visual art."
-Kermit the Frog, Muppet