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sewing tips from the bird






this is a perfect visual of birdie & robert's personalities





when we first met

robert smith and birdie come from the woods of union city PA
robert smith came and introduced himself to me about year ago
with matted hair and a very sad small body i started feeding him
he would save some food for what seemed to be a friend of his that stayed yards away from us just watching and that little orange and white cat would eat after i'd go inside the house slowly each day his friend would come closer to me but seemed extremely skiddish especially in comparison to robert. we soon felt for sure they must be related for they looked so amazingly similar we tried to see excatly where they were sleeping and saw certain places they walked back to in the woods after falling head over heels for them we kept feeding them and eventually got to pet them. after many many heart debates on whether they'd rather stay outdoors cats we decided their attitudes towards us showed they were quite equally in awe of us and they didnt seem to be very interested in going back outside and when feet of snow fell upon the grounds and the "strays" as we first called them stayed snuggly and warm in their many fun places indoors we felt pretty sure we made the right decision. plus i could show you pictures of what they looked like when they found us and compare them to now, but those pictures are kinda hard to look at

                                 naming the strays

the second i first saw robert running over to me
i started calling him robert smith
he has a white face with black eyeliner
and is oh so pretty
just like the cure's robert smith

my friend named birdie
because when we all first met, birdie & robert smith spoke bird. i suppose they learned
the language from living out doors with all the birds they actually made lots of amazing different bird sounds. she doesnt speak it much these days, i think the birds here
speak a different bird than the ones in pa.(robert still sort of chirps a great bird word here and there, mostly when he's hungry. he has yet to actually say meow. birdie speaks an interesting little meowonce in a while yet purrs like a motorcycle very often)

birdie at ~8 months old

dreaming kitty

goodness knows what she was dreaming about !
i literally had to hold my laugh in so that we
could get a picture of her with out waking her up
she actually slept a little while with her back
legs straight up in the air.
it was by far one of the silliest things i'd ever seen in person

birdie on my shoulder 2002ish


though birdie wasn't as outgoing and friendly as robert when we all first met,
within days of meeting she and i soon became best buddies, and loves taking pictures as much as i do


the babies are a couple of years old now
they have many great sleeping places and climbing castles
mainly made of milk crates

needless to say they are the loves of my life
they are the only creatures i know that can keep a crazy brain like me
calm cool and collected
but thats only one example of the multitude of great goodness
they are and do



computer protest

this is very funny to me because they are both
sitting on my computer chair, as if to say,
"you're not going on the computer right now"
because maybe (definitely) i am on it way too much

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robert smith, a fan of the shag rug


birdie in the window




"can you shut the lights?"



cat comfortability choices always confuse and amaze me


the snuggle babies

they don't always snuggle sleep together
but when they do they truly do








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